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All new members are urged to familiarize themselves with the National Bylaws and Ritual, along with local Post By-Laws that may be different than the National By-Laws.

Each member is expected to respond to any call for relief or assistance of any member of the Auxiliary or any member of the Post who may be in need. One rap of the gavel means stand or sit at ATTENTION (straight like a one), two raps means RISE (on your two feet). And three raps means BE SEATED (make a three point landing).

As roll call is taken, each officer should rise as his or her name is called and remain standing until the roll is complete.  Then the President gives 2 raps of the gavel to seat the officers.

During a meeting, you will always rise and receive recognition before speaking, should you wish to address the President, or take part in any debate.

You are not to pass between the Altar and the President, except as the Ritual directs.

When salute is used, Heart Salute shall be used at all times.  Members salute the flag by placing the palm of the right hand flat over the heart when the flag passes.

When the flag is displayed, and the National Anthem is played and / or sung, all present should face the flag and salute.

PARADE REST: This is a Military Parade Rest, where the left foot is moved to the side while bringing the arms to the small of the back. Clasp the left thumb in the right hand.  The head is bowed slightly during prayer.

PROPER WAY TO RECITE THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: (Emphasis is given to the words in capital letters) I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, (pause) one nation under GOD (pause), INDIVISIBLE (pause) with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL.

No smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages during an Auxiliary meeting.

Membership dues should be paid no later than December 31st of each year in order to not jeopardize your possible need for a Cancer Grant or Cancer Insurance.  However, in our Auxiliary, we encourage all members to pay their dues early, so that we can take them to the State Convention in June, and participate in the Parade of Transmittals, where Auxiliaries transmit their first dues for the new fiscal year.